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We manufacture & supply a wide range of Elevator Belts, which is highly acclaimed for its excellent performance. Bucket Elevator Belts are designed for inclined conveyors of material by fixing metal slots or buckets on the carrying surface of the belt at regular intervals.


We manufacture Elevator Conveyor Belts in 34 Oz Hard Duck Cotton as well as in Nylon plies.



Proper Belt Width

  • For buckets up to 16" wide (400mm), the belt should be at least 1" (25mm) wider than the buckets.

  • For buckets wider than 16" wide (400mm), the belt should be at least 2" (25mm) wider than the buckets.

Proper Pulley Face Width

  • For belts up to 12" (300mm) wide, the pulley face width should be at least 1" (25mm) wider than the belt.

  • For belts greater than 12" (25mm) wide, the pulley face width should be at least 2" (50mm) wider than the belt.

Head Pulley Lagging


The installation of high quality rubber lagging is recommended to provide the highest coefficient of friction between the belt and the pulley, thereby maximizing the driving force and eliminating belt slippage. Lagging also aids in cushioning the impact of the buckets on the head pulley.


Type N/MM No. of Plies Covers Oil & Fat Resistant Belt Thickness
4000/3 400 3 1+1 Limited ca. 5MM
4000/4 400 3 2+2 Yes ca. 7MM
500/4 500 4 1+1 Limited ca. 6MM
500/4 500 4 2+2 Yes ca. 8MM
630/4 630 4 1+1 Limited ca. 7MM
630/4 630 4 1+1 Yes ca. 7MM
630/4 630 5 2+2 Yes ca. 9MM
800/5 800 5 1+1 Limited ca. 8MM
800/5 800 5 1+1 Yes ca. 8MM
800/5 800 5 2+2 Yes ca. 10MM
1000/5 1000 5 1+1 Limited ca. 8MM
1000/5 1000 5 1+1 Yes ca. 8MM
1000/5 1000 5 2+2 Yes ca. 10MM






These are special Endless belts used in shot Blasting machines in heavy industries. These are made up of 6 plies of 34 OZ Heavy Duty Cotton Fabric with total thickness 14 mm.


These belts are available with holes and without holes also as per customer requirements.















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