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Transmission Belts


Flat Transmission Belts

The Transmission Belts are manufactured from the best raw-materials duly tested in our Modern Laboratory. These belts are fabricated with multiple plies of specially woven fabrics with sufficient tensile strength both in wrap & weft directions. The cotton ducks (fabrics) are completely impregnated with specially formulated rubber compounds to get the best ply adhesion & excellent flex life in actual; service. The edges of belts are sealed with special binding solution to prevent ingress of moisture and fraying of the edges. Samples from finished belts are tested for quality control before being shipped. The belts are made in a wide range viz. type of fabrics, number of plies and widths to meet customers needs and service requirements.

Range of Transmission Beltings

  • No. of Plies: 2 to 8.
  • Width Available: 25MM to 1200MM.