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Rubber Conveyor Belts


White Synthetic Belts

Libra Gold Synthetic Belts are Milky White (Food Grade) multipurpose belts made up of yarn, blended with special types of Food Grade organic polymers and materials and does not contain any harmful chemicals during its manufacturing.

These belts are widely being used in Dryer of Rice Mill also being used as Elevator Belts in Rice Mills, Dal Mills and Flour Mills. As conveyor (24" size conveyors are used in Rice Mills and so on). Used as Transmission Belting (6 Inches 6 Ply Belt is used for polisher in Rice Mills).

Features of White Synthetic Belts

  • These belts has No Odor and No Taste, however Rubber Belts are having bad Odor.
  • While using rubber beltings, small particles of rubber mixes up with rice during the process which does not happen with these belts.
  • These belts are very light in weight which saves electric expenses to a large extent as it requires lower HP Motors.
  • These belts are Water Resistant, Oil Resistant and doesn't get effected by Crude Oil, however Nylon Woven Belts gets heavier as they absorb Water & Crude Oil.
  • These belts can be used up to a temperature of 100°C to 120°C
  • There are no Ply Separation problems with these belts.
  • Elongation will be negligible in our Belts, however in case of Rubber, Nylon Woven Belts & Cotton Belts, this happens to a large extent.
  • Boiling Water does not effect these belts, hence it is suitable for Dryers of Rice Mills.
  • These belts are available in 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Plies & up to a length of 150 Mtrs. roll.