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The rubber cover should be selected by taking into account the type of material to be handled and the operating condition of the belt. Conveyor belting is available in the following grades and ranging from 150 mm to 2500 mm with Moulded edge 'ME' construction for Cotton Belts and Cut edge construction 'CE' for Nylon & EP Belts in open or endless lengths.


Rough Top Conveyor Belts

Rough Top Conveyor Belts have a rough rubber print on the top cover. This is applied through a special manufacturing process using impression fabric that is similar to a mould. These belts are mainly used to convey light weight goods, such as sacks, boxes and parcels, packages/bags etc. on steep inclines. The textured surface grips packages and cartons to prevent material from slipping when traveling on inclines and declines.

Grade - Rough Top

  • Conforming to Standards
    • As per International Standards.

  • Recommended For
    • These belts are specially designed with a Rough Top / Pimpled or Ribbed / Cleated carrying surface to prevent slippage.

  • Features
    • Ideally suited to carry packaged materials on gradients of more than 20°. Low friction co-efficient with bare back bottom. Two or three plies of synthetic fabrics provide high strength & flexibility.

The Essential Characteristics of GI™ Conveyor Belts

  • High tensile resistance with low elongation.
  • Good troughing and impact resistance.
  • High flexibility of the carcass fabric to prevent bucking while wrapping on pulleys.
  • Available up to 2500 mm width and any number of plies.
  • Good interface adhesion of components for better flex life.
  • Better load carrying over long haulage.
  • Available in Moulded Rubber or Tough Slit Edge finish.
  • Resistance to environmental operating conditions.
  • Resistance to heat and to high environmental temperatures.
  • Resistance to chemical products such as acid, oxidizing agents even at significant concentrations.
  • Good surface electrical conductivity, good resistance to fire and flame propagation.